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Frequently Asked Questions

How and when can you drink the coffee shots?

You can drink the shots anytime you need energy. You can take the shot straight from the pouch or add it to milk, water, just over ice and into your morning smoothie. The possibilities are endless.

How much caffeine does the shot contain?

Each 60ml shot has 150mg of caffeine – the same as double espresso shot. Enough energy to get your mental and physical performance pumping within 20 minutes. 

Do I need in store in the fridge?

We recommend storing the coffee shots in the fridge if you want to drink them cold, however you can also store in any cool dark cupboard. 

Is your coffee Organic and Fair Trade? 

We source the most premium green coffee from the Oromia region and partnered with the OCFU in Ethiopia a USDA Organic, Soil Association and Fair Trade coffee farm. 

What's organic coffee? 

A certified Organic coffee ensures that the coffee comes from a cleaner, traceable and sustainable source. Therefore ensuring almost zero chemicals have been used in the process giving you a cleaner and more premium cup of coffee to enjoy. 

Do you roast your coffee in the US and UK? 

We then carefully bring the finest, raw ingredients to US to be roasted. We partner to use best state of art roasters in the US & UK to ensure every bean is treated like gold. Every batch is tested to deliver consistency and premium quality

What is Ethiopian Roasted coffee? 

All coffee derives from the seed inside the green bean (which turns red when ripe). The seed inside is cultivated through various methods depending on region, this is the coffee seed which gets roasted. Roasted coffee has more antioxidants and higher caffeine level than Green Coffee bean extract. With Green coffee bean extract, the seeds are left unroasted, soaked then concentrated to create the extract.

How do you give back to the local communities? 

Partnering with Fair Trade Certified suppliers ensures an international agreed percentage of every sale goes back aids farmers to be more sustainable, empowers and enables them to invest in their communities and take measures to protect local natural resources. This is just the start for ATIKEM we have big plans to give back to the local communities. Watch This Space. 

How does our Caffeine + Moringa Supplement work?

Our Caffeine + Moringa capsules have been specifically formulated to increase concentration and alertness. Vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12 help to reduce tiredness and fatigue, B5 supports mental performance, Iron contributes to cognitive functionality and Moringa, full of natural nutrients also helps in reducing fatigue and tiredness.  

How many capsules should I take?

Our formulation is based on 2 capsules per day to give you a much needed boost from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to bed. 60 capsules should last 30 days. You can take two capsules in one taking or spread out through out the day. We recommend not to exceed the stated daily intake of two capsules.

Does is help with weight loss?

It is not a dietary supplement and should not be taken to substitute any meals nor is it a weight loss pill. We recommend you consume as part of a balanced diet.

How soon can I notice the the benefits?

Within 11-20 minutes of taking a capsule with water, you should feel a light tingling sensation and a feeling of alertness to your surroundings. The effect can last for up to 2hrs with a smooth decline back to your normal state of awareness with no jitters or sudden energy crashes. Every customer may experience slightly different levels of awareness.

Does the supplement contain any chemical ingredients?

Our product contains 100% natural Ethiopian roasted coffee and Ethiopian Moringa Oleifera powder with additional natural synthesized vitamins.

What Is Moringa? (The Miracle Tree)

Moringa known as Shiferaw locally is a plant inherent to Ethiopia and one of only 13 species listed around the world. The leaves are traditionally dried, then crushed and ground to create Moringa powder. This is then mixed with various spices and a little water to create a lumpy paste which is then eaten with your finger. A normal part of every day diet and used to replace cabbage in meals. Moringa has naturally occurring high rates of protein and vitamins. Research has shown 25mg will give a child 42% of their daily recommended allowance of protein and 71% of iron. 

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