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Coffee & Cycling – The Perfect Combination

By Christian Perice October 08, 2020

A delicious coffee before, during or after a morning cycle is what its all about (well it certainly is for me!) Whether it’s the long solo cycles (and there were a few in lockdown) or the group social rides. Meeting for a pre-cycle coffee has become a ritual for many but it’s not just the social aspect coffee brings to the table. It’s the added benefits, mainly from the caffeine that aids cyclist’s performance which has has us hooked...

Benefits of caffeine on cycling performance:

  • It’s been said that you can get an average increase in overall performance of 3-5% from a double espresso pre-ride! Not so bad for a shot of coffee, right? It gives a sudden boost of energy that can help you to overcome tiredness and... your competitors.
  • Caffeine gives you sharper focus and alertness. Allowing you to be more aware of your surroundings and most importantly the other riders wheel.
  • Improved muscle contraction and blood flow. Coffee doesn’t only serve purely as a “waking-up” function. It invigorates your nervous system to affects muscular contractions and, therefore helps reaction times... especially for braking!
  • Caffeine May Help Improve Recovery. For athlete recovery is a necessary period where muscles rebuild, and the body takes a needed break. Through quickened glycogen replenishment caffeine helps restore your strength ready for the next workout. 

Ok so the benefits are for all to see but what type of coffee beans are best? Well traditionally Arabica beans have less caffeine 0.8 to 1.4 % compared to Robusta 1.7 to 4% but Arabica beans are less acidic and smoother. Here are our suggestions for which type of coffees to take during a ride... 

Pre Ride: Double espresso shot! Get those energy levels up!
Mid-Ride: Amerciano with your choice of milk – easier for the stomach to consume.
Post-Ride Recovery: Mocha – extra calories to help fuel recovery.

Luckily we only ever use arabica coffee beans and our coffee is extremely smooth! We have also combined the best of both worlds and created coffee shots that will be hitting the shelves very soon! Watch this space.

Until then. Ride safe!

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