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Adding Ethiopia #1 - Marcus Samuelsson

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"Adde" means Adding Energy or Adding Ethiopia to your everyday life through our Ethiopian sourced ingredients and embracing the culture.

Our mission is to Add Ethiopia to the lives of many people with products sourced from and inspired by Ethiopia. We know we aren't the first to do this, there are many Ethiopians that we believe are #AddingEthiopia and it's rich culture and heritage to the wider world, which is something that we want to champion through our #AddingEthiopia Series.
The first in this series is world famous chef Marcus Samuelsson (born  Kassahun Tsegie ) who, born in 1971, spent the first few years of his life in Ethiopia until he and his sister were separated  from their family during the Civil War and adopted by a Swedish family.
Learning his culinary trade in Sweden and then the US, Samuelsson was made executive chef of Aquavit restaurant at the age of 24 and a short while later was the youngest ever chef to receive a 5 star review from the New York Times. 
In addition to being a successful chef, Samuelson is an award winning cookbook author, with his African inspired The Soul of a New Cuisine receiving the award for Best International Cookbook by the James Beard Foundation after its release. 
Samuelsson is a season TV chef with numerous appearances on Chopped, Iron Chef and also being crowned winner of Bravo's Top Chef Masters series
In 2009, Samuelsson was the guest chef for the first state dinner of Barak Obama's administration. 
A world renowned and highly revered chef, its fair to say Marcus Samuelsson is #AddingEthiopia to the world. 

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