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The Incredible Benefits of Caffeine & Moringa

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Do you love coffee?

Spending $$$ too much each month on coffee?

Are you always rushing to grab your cup of coffee?

Does the Miracle Tree sound magical to you? 

If you are like us and answered YES to any of the above, here are 5 ways our energy supplement can help save you over £1000 a year! Check It Out! 

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1. My Dentist Loves Me

I used to drink 2x black coffees a day religiously. One in the morning and one mid-afternoon. I then noticed my teeth starting to discolour. So I went to see my dentist who with a smile on his face said “If you carry on drinking coffee you will be my favourite patient” I asked why? “Well” he said “If you carry on I will need to stain your teeth every 6 months to keep its natural colour and that’s good business for me!” I carried on at the time and of course I became his favourite patient. 


2. Stop Spending £1000 On Coffee Each Year 

On average we spend £3.50 a day on coffee from a local vendor. That’s over £80 a month and £1000 a year! What would you do with an extra grand a year? I know a friend who stopped, saved and went to Bali on vacation!


3. But We LOVE Coffee!

From the texture of roasted coffee beans, to the preparation of making your own brew and the smell, we love coffee! But it just takes too much time to make when we are rushing to get the kids to school, late to the gym or on route to work. So the options are either miss out on the energy hit or end up being late! Hmm... 


4. The Miracle Tree

When I was a kid I had a favourite tree I would climb. I would hide in the tree when I was in trouble or when it rained, it became my closest friend that always protected me. So when I came across the plant Moringa I instantly had similar feelings. With 25x more Iron than Spinach, 17x more Calcium then milk and 4x more Protein than eggs (the list goes on) I was hooked.


5. Increased Energy! 

Every week we are tested. Tested with pressure from work, exams at school, big client meetings, the big match at the weekend and the day to day running of our families. Everything is a test and any extra boost I can get to help me come out stronger I will take! 


So we HACKED these life issues by creating the 1st energy supplement with key ingredients Coffee & Moringa sourced from Ethiopia. Giving you the power of an espresso and a smooth focus which Increases The Greatness In You. 


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